The CEO team visited TJK Fabricators in downtown Lincoln this morning. Owner Mike Siltman talked with the students about how he made the shift to running his own business.

Having worked in the metal fabrication industry for more than 20 years, Mike had the experience and network to start his own company. He was tired of the commute to Peoria every day and wanted a change of pace. He worked with Lincoln Economic Advancement & Development, Inc. - LEAD to find a local space and he founded TJK Fabrications, LLC in 2020.

The shop produces metal structures for large buildings. (Think multiple stories of stairs, catwalks, etc.) Most of his products are shipped to regional locations like St. Louis, but he also completes local projects (ex: the new railings in front of Flossie & Delzena’s).

TJK Fabrication is a family-owned/operated business. Mike’s three adult children, Whitney, Eli, and Izzy are full-time employees. When we visited, they were in the middle of a very big project for a company that provides arena rehearsal space for music stars like Bon Jovi and Taylor Swift (!)

Thank you, Mike, for hosting us and sharing your story!

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