The team visited with Paul Crombie, CEO of Elkhart Grain Company. It was a little too chilly for a tour of the facility, but everyone was happy to settle in for a chat over donuts. 🍩

Over the years, Paul has benefited from the wisdom of some amazing entrepreneurs heading up small, family-run businesses. (Like his first boss who started the first day of training by laying down the rules. Rule #1: Smile. Rule #2: Smile... 😀) There were a handful of people who helped shape who he is as a professional through mentoring, modeling good business practices, recognizing his potential, and more.

Paul covered lots of topics like getting involved in industry associations, compliance measures, determining risk factors, business cycles, and the responsibilities of his company to customers and employees. He also talked about developing interpersonal skills like empathy, gratitude, trust, and humor.

Fun Fact: Paul Crombie is the father of Ben Crombie, a student in this year's CEO class.

Thank you, Paul, for taking time to talk with our young entrepreneurs!

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