Cash Flow Statements. ROI. Income Statements. Balance Sheets.
These are important tools for entrepreneurs to know the state of their business. They also help a bank decide if you are a good risk for a commercial loan.

The team visited the New Holland branch of First National Bank in Tremont and talked with CFO David Pickering and VP Tyler Hodge. They talked about start up capital, business plans, collateral, interest rates, the advantages of working with a small town bank, and more.

Then the team got to tour the bank and get a look behind the scenes. Have you ever seen the part of an ATM that sits inside the building? Or inside a real bank vault? Fun fact: It's very low key and doesn't look anything like a bank heist movie with money flying everywhere.

Dave Pickering recently signed on as a LLCEO board member and the bank has graciously invited the team to meet at their new branch on Woodlawn Road later this year. (Did you know? CEO never meets in a classroom - always at a local business.) The bank is also a program investor.

Thank you to First National Bank in Tremont for all the ways you support LLCEO!

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