Business doesn't just happen in an office. Sometimes it happens over a meal. Today the CEO team was treated to a business breakfast at Top of the 19th. Bethany Rademaker shared proper dining etiquette and gave lots of valuable tips about how to make a great impression at business social events.

As the VP of Events & Marketing at ACEC-Illinois, part of Bethany's job is to help train engineering professionals about many aspects of business etiquette. She started the morning by having the team set their own place setting and talked about where each item on the table should be positioned and how to use it. From there she moved on to how to pass items around the table (to the left), when it's appropriate to start eating (when 80% of the table is served), how to decide what to order (hint: take a cue from the host) and when to ask for a doggie bag (answer: never). And LOTS of other rules of etiquette and tips that will serve students well in their roles as young professionals, including how to work the room at a function and tips for remembering someone's name.

We also had an opportunity to hear from our host, Janell Wibben Woolard about her experience as a new restaurant owner. She outlined the rewards and challenges you face as an entrepreneur, but assured the students that it is worth it!

Thank you for your time this morning, Janell and Bethany. This kind of hands-on experience was invaluable!

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