Jason Mauhar of By Design Landscaping dropped by to chat with the team. As a former CEO facilitator and current board member, he has unique insight into the challenges the students are facing right now.

The conversation was wide-ranging: Don't be afraid to fail. Figure out what sets you apart. Think more about the things down the road and less about the stuff right in front of you. When managing people, pull - don't push.

And then the big question: What is your "why"?
When you determine your "why" for what you do in your business (and life in general), you can remain motivated and consistent, even when things become difficult or seem mundane.
Here's what it might look like:
I want to open a restaurant. Why?
So I can make delicious food for people. Why?
So they can have an enjoyable meal. Why?
So they can spend quality time together. Why?
Because I believe relationships are important.
If your ultimate "why" aligns with your core values, you can be confident you're headed in the right direction.

Thanks, Jason, for lending your support and experience to CEO 8.0. We appreciate you taking time out of your morning to meet with the team!

@By Design Landscaping, Owner Jason Mauhar

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