CEO Mentor

A mentoring program provides an effective networking model for Land of Lincoln CEO students. Establishing effective one on one connections, that will strengthen the student's awareness of employment opportunities in our County and develop greater social skills through this mentorship experience. Every Land of Lincoln CEO student, known as a student, is matched with a mentor from the business community. Ultimately, these relationships strengthen the CEO program's success and builds generational bridges between the student and the business community.

Here are the following responsibilities and activities:

  • Meet with the student for scheduled meetings to discuss what they are learning in CEO
  • Attend Monthly Mentor Mornings
  • Review the student's business plan for their individual business
  • Experience the weekly progress of their Protege through reading their journal entries of what they experience each day in CEO

Would you like to be a Mentor?

A mentor is a business owner, entrepreneur, or intreprenuer from our areas business community. A mentor is someone willing to share his or her time and expertise with a CEO student. Please contact us, if you are interested in being a CEO mentor. You will be provided mentor training and be required to have a background check to enroll in the program. Successful mentoring partnerships are advantageous for everyone – the student, the mentor and the CEO program.

Our Mentors

Abby Coers
Central Illinois Ag
Marketing Coordinator

Dirk Conrady
State Bank of Lincoln
AVP, Commercial Lender

Patrick Doolin
Integrity Data

Seth Goodman
ME Realty
Broker / Owner

Derek Martin
Top Hat Jigs

Diana Pickett
Evolve Salon

Andrea Runge
Lincoln Economic Advancement and Development
Chief Executive Officer

Angie Stoltzenburg
ALMH Community Health Collaborative

Sarah Stuart
Stuart Solutions

Ty Tucker
CT PowerWashing; CT Auctions; Big Shot Properties LLC; and Ty Tucker / ME Realty