Meet Our Facilitator

Britta Langley

Britta Langley

Welcome Logan County to the Land of Lincoln CEO program! My name is Britta Langley and I am the facilitator for this truly amazing opportunity. We are so blessed to offer this to our young business professionals.

I was born and raised in Lincoln, Illinois. My family and I currently reside in Emden, Illinois. I am married to Philip and have three daughters: Haylie 28, Hunter 21 (a former CEO student), and Hattie 18. Not only do I facilitate CEO, but I am also a Business Teacher and Internship Coordinator at Olympia High School along with owning a travel agency, Check~In Travel, out of my home. 

I am excited about the opportunity to work with students in a way that facilitates an environment where the students learn, grow, network, are excited about learning, and become successful because of what they put into the program. They make it happen. I enjoy partnering with the business leaders of Logan County to make this program successful.