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Blinn Bates and Michelle Bauer

Michelle Bauer and Blinn Bates are both a part of YPN (Young Professionals Network). They are a group of professionals that want to impact the business community and bring business owners together to support Lincoln and Logan County. They shared the importance of getting young business owners involved in the community and help bring new businesses to this area by showing them the value of Logan County.  They are currently working on the "Pigs and Swigs" event that will be happening June 2nd and 3rd in downtown Lincoln.

Graue Chevrolet

John Radloff and Chad Branson

John Radloff and Chad Branson gave the CEO students some great insight into the world of a car dealership. Graue Chevrolet Buick Cadillac has been in business since 1953 and has a great story. John shared the business side and history of the dealership while Chad explained the sales side. Another business that’s all about relationships, and is invested in the community. Not to mention, what high school student doesn’t want to picture themselves driving a brand new car!

Jake's Furnishings

Jake Johnson

Jake Johnson had the CEO students over to his furniture business for their last business visit of the year. Jake has been in the furniture business for a long time, but the road to owning Jake’s Furnishings wasn’t a clear path, and wasn’t Jakes initial dream as a farm kid growing up. He shared his journey with many ups and downs, twists and turns to get to where he is now. They have just expanded their store by carrying a line of outdoor patio furniture as well. The students enjoyed the business details almost as much as the cushy couches they were sitting on!

CEO Trade Show

CEO Students Say Thank You

LC Enterprise is very thankful for everyone that came to the CEO Trade Show and for everyone who made it happen! I am also very thankful for everyone who is supporting me through this as I continue my business and make it better. Being in the Trade Show helped me with my weaknesses and strengths. I am passionate about having a personal connection with my customers and I got that by participating in the Trade Show and networking with others.

Lauren Canady

To finish up CEO, we got to present our own businesses at the tradeshow. It was a great experience, we got to make so many connections to people that have been involved in CEO and people in the community. We all got to go through the process first-hand of ordering our banners, making our giveaways, and putting our booths together. It was a fantastic evening full of connections and new possibilities for “Studio H Photography”.

Hunter Langley

Tony's Treats makes All-Natural dog treats to better safe your dog’s health! Thank you to everybody that came and supported Tony's Treats!! Thank you to the Trade Show committee and the CEO board! Your business was greatly appreciated! I hope your day isn't “Ruff”

Anthony Brummett

This year in CEO has taught me so much, I’m so thankful for all the opportunities I was given. All the connections we've made, the relationships created, and the business leaders we could learn from was amazing. I’m so proud of my CEO family and how far we've all come, from our group business to or individual businesses, I’m so grateful.

Thank you to the trade show committee, the CEO board, all of our individual mentors, Jason Mauhar, David Lanterman and Michelle Bauer. All these people have taught me so much and opened my eyes how to be a better business leader. To Michelle especially, I couldn't have done any of this without her. She has been the best mentor and friend I could ask for, she has been so supportive of everything and gets excited with me. To David Lanterman, he was generous enough to allow me to open a storefront in a building he owns for six weeks. My business wouldn't be my business without him, I can't thank him enough.

To my CEO family, I have enjoyed growing and learning with you all throughout this year and I thank all of you for the best year of my life, I love you all.

Ariana Spencer

Radiance Cosmetic Artistry would like to extend a special thanks to the trade show committee, all those who attended the trade show, and Sarah Faith for being an amazing mentor leading up to this event. It has been a wild ride throughout the year and through it all there's been memories made and lessons learned. As the year comes to a close and I reflect on all that I've learned and how we all have changed I couldn't be more grateful for the experiences I've had and the moments that my CEO Family and I have shared together. To everyone who made this year successful, thank you.

Yours truly,

Adriana Doolin

Thank you all so much for supporting our class this year by coming to the trade show! We all really appreciate everybody who could make this possible including Stuart Solutions, the Trade Show Committee, and all of the people who came to the trade show. Also a big thank you to all of the CEO sponsors and to Jason Mauhar for making all of this possible.

Alex Weber

Weber’s Wash & Wax on Wheels

CEO Trade Show

My business dotted. is a fun and creative art business that focuses around pointillism painting. The trade show was such a fun experience and great opportunity! I have such a strong passion for my artwork, so I loved being able to share my artwork with everyone there. I love my art, but seeing other people love your art just as much as you do definitely puts a smile on your face. I want to give a huge thank you to the trade show committee for putting on the event, to everyone who came to the trade show, to my parents and family for always supporting me and to Jason Mauhar for pushing me to be my best!

Madison Shawgo

New Way Graphics does graphic design and creates custom apparel. I can create custom t-shirts, hoodies, jerseys, shorts, and sweatpants. I can put the image you want on product you want. I would like to thank the trade show board members for putting on such a great event. I would also like to thank the entire CEO board and anyone else who supported our class throughout the year. I am very grateful for everyone who attended the trade show and helped me create New Way Graphics.

Josh Linares

"Singing in the Shower" had a successful start up on May 3, the day of the Land of Lincoln CEO trade show. The program has been undoubtedly helpful towards my business and it allowed me to get new connections. I would like to thank all of you who have been involved with our class and supported the class' group business. I would like to say "thank you for an amazing and unforgettable year," I hope that this program will thrive in our community. To my CEO family, "You have made my year insanely crazy and I will never forget all the laughs and struggles we went through to be where we are now."

Joy Chi

Thank you to everyone that attended and made the trade show happen. This was a wonderful experience that I have never had. The flow of the tradeshow went amazing and couldn’t have went any better! “You will never have another year like this”, said Craig Lindvahl. This is so true; CEO has created so many opportunities and the tradeshow will show case all your work. My business AZ Floral and Home Design was presented at the tradeshow on Wednesday. I want to thank everyone that stopped by and asked questions about the class and my program, thanks again to the tradeshow committee for all your time and consideration.

Ashley Zinser

My business "Lincoln Lights" had an amazing launch at the highly anticipated tradeshow. It was amazing to see the skills and knowledge I have learned throughout the year come in to play in such a real world application. I had so much fun to see a real success after all of the work. I am so thankful for all of the people in our community or any community that I have poured out into this wonderful program. Special thanks to the CEO class for being an amazing experience.

Noah Henry

The end of the year was near and that meant the trade show. I would like to start off by saying thank you to the trade show committee for setting up the tradeshow, the CEO board for giving the opportunity to teach and help me start up my business, Jason Mauhar for being an amazing and helpful facilitator, and everyone who attended the trade show to see all of our businesses. At the trade show I presented my business “Get Whitham Woodworking”. I do custom small decor woodworking, which includes bowls, wood carvings and wood burnings. I loved being able to display my artwork for people and give that eye catching piece.

Trent Whitham

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